Danielle Lloyd hits back at 'pathetic' comments about her newborn son 3 years ago

Danielle Lloyd hits back at 'pathetic' comments about her newborn son

The mum-of-three hit back at internet trolls this weekend.

Danielle Lloyd is shutting down those who are leaving “pathetic comments” on pictures of her newborn son.


The 33-year-old welcomed her third child last month and has been sharing pictures of the little one on social media ever since.

However, one picture, in particular, was criticised by followers for a very silly reason.

Sharing a picture of little Ronnie with her 400,000 followers, Danielle proudly showed off her son’s baby grow which read:

“My brother’s love me”.

Followers were quick to point out the grammatical error on the onesie and slammed Danielle for setting a “bad example”.

“What a bad example, teaching poor grammar from an early age,” said one follower.

“Cute picture but the message isn’t the best to be sending out,” said another.


However, wasn’t taking the criticism lightly, hitting back at those who posted negative comments saying:

“The baby vest was a kind gift from a friend which Danielle was very grateful for,” her rep told Mail Online.

“Danielle is not shallow enough to reject such a lovely gesture to Ronnie.

“She thinks it’s rude of people to make such a pathetic comment about a present for a baby.”