Danniella Westbrook and Lucy Kennedy didn't get on like a house on fire 4 years ago

Danniella Westbrook and Lucy Kennedy didn't get on like a house on fire


Lots of people have lived with Lucy Kennedy over the past few years.


There was Callum Best, Danny Healy-Rae, and the notorious Katie Hopkins - an episode which was boycotted by many due to the fact that they didn't quite fancy giving a bigot a further platform for her hateful views but sure look.

The latest celeb set to be Livin' with Lucy is former EastEnders star, Danniella Westbrook.

It's an episode that people are, of course, looking forward to seeing due to the fact that Danniella has been in the media a lot lately for various reasons.

However, it has come to light that the pair didn't exactly get on like a house on fire during the filming of the show.


It turns out that Lucy actually thought Danniella was a bit of "a diva" and that she was sick of "walking on eggshells" around the actress while they were shacked up together.

The presenter also called Danniella a "ticking time bomb."


The two were living together in Danniella's apartment in Marbella when the actress got a bit annoyed and took off her microphone.

Lucy said this move was a first for her.

“It’s the first time a celebrity has done this and I’ve lived with quite a few people. It really peeved me off because the whole idea is that she keeps it on.

“I like her but there’s the easy Dani and the hard Dani and I’m kind of fed up walking on eggshells now."

The 41-year-old called Danniella's behaviour "erratic" but she also said when you look past all of that, "she is just a nice, lost girl.”


Livin' with Lucy airs this Tuesday on TV3 at 10pm.