David Tennant to star in new crime drama series, Deadwater Fell 1 year ago

David Tennant to star in new crime drama series, Deadwater Fell

A tragedy. An unthinkable crime. A Scottish town at the centre of it all.

David Tennant has been cast in Channel 4's upcoming crime drama, Deadwater Fell (working title).

The Scottish actor, who captured the hearts of the public through his portrayal of Doctor Who, and their minds when he starred opposite Olivia Colman in Broadchurch, will be appearing in the four-part series alongside Anna Madeley and Matthew McNulty.

Not a whole lot has been revealed about the show as of yet, but we do know that there'll be a family, a crime, and a lot of dodgy things happening in the interim.

The series "... follows the story of two families in the aftermath of an unthinkable crime."

"When a seemingly perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they know and trust, cracks appear on the surface of a supposedly idyllic community.

"The series examines the ripple effect of the crime on each person who knew and loved the family. From the best friends of the victims, to their parents, and the children who have to go to school the next day."

Sounds legit.

The series was announced at the beginning of this year and has been steadily building excitement and intrigue among audiences since that time.

Relationships will be broken, marriages will be strained, and the glorious David Tennant will be there to oversea it all - and maybe even get heavily involved.

Daisy Coulam, who has written the series, said:

"With Deadwater Fell, I wanted to look at the notion of evil. We're very quick to call something evil - to dismiss it out of hand as something inhuman or monstrous. But it is humans who commit these acts.

"Deadwater Fell is an unflinching look at a community we might live in, families we might know and what happens when tragedy befalls them.”

Can't wait.