PSA: Dead To Me season two is coming to Netflix next month 3 months ago

PSA: Dead To Me season two is coming to Netflix next month

Mark those calendars.

I was completely hooked to season one of Dead To Me.

It was not what I expected to be, but nevertheless I became addicted and binge watched it in a couple of days.

Then of course I was sad because there was no more to watch. But it seems my prayers have been answered as Netflix are releasing season two in a couple of weeks.

And given that we're all stuck inside, there has never been better timing.

The first season sees Jen attend a group grief counselling session after her husband is killed in a hit and run.

While there, Jen meets Judy and the pair soon become best friends, brought together by their shared experiences of grief - or so it would seem.

Judy moves in with Jen before a huge secret tears the friendship apart (no spoilers just in case you've yet to watch the first season).

Season one ended on a huge cliffhanger so naturally we all want to know what is in store for Jen and Judy, as they now have even more secrets and scandals to hide.

The teaser trailer only gives the tiniest glimpse of what we can expect from the gals, so we're going to have to wait the couple of weeks before we really know what's going on.

Dead to Me Season two is set to premiere on Netflix on May 8.