Disney has cast a rescue dog as the main lead in Lady And The Tramp remake 6 months ago

Disney has cast a rescue dog as the main lead in Lady And The Tramp remake

This is amazing.

I have a rescue dog and it's probably the best decision my family ever made. He was a frightened little pup (well, he was three) when we got him and it was so moving to see him become the playful, cheeky doggo he is now.

If you have a rescue dog then you'll know how much it means for someone to come and change its life - and this dog's life certainly changed after he was rescued and then cast in the remake of Disney's Lady And The Tramp.

Monte, who is a two-year-old Terrier, will take on the role of the Tramp in the upcoming movie. He was rescued from a kill-shelter in New Mexico by Halo Animal Rescue. Monte was transferred to Phoenix where one of the film's trainers, Mark Forbes, adopted him.

AZCentral spoke Halo Animal Rescue's CEO Heather Allen, and she said she had no idea Monte would become a star when he was adopted.

"He was adopted from us in April of 2018, and we knew that the people that were meeting with him were considering him to be a Hollywood star, but we didn't know for what, because it was top secret.We knew he had the potential to become a Hollywood dog."

"When he arrived at the shelter he was super friendly, he greets people right away, he gives kisses, he loves attention, he knows 'sit' and he knows how to walk well on a leash," she says.

Lady will be played by Rose, a brown and white cocker spaniel. She will be voiced by Creed star Tessa Thompson while Tramp will be voiced by Justin Theroux.