A docuseries about the 'Bling Ring' is coming to Netflix 2 weeks ago

A docuseries about the 'Bling Ring' is coming to Netflix

The show lands on Netflix later this month.

Cast your mind back to 2009, and you may remember a news story about the so-called Bling Ring, a group of young burglars who targeted the homes of A-list celebrities.


The gang consisted of Rachel Lee, Nick Prugo, Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamoyo, Courtney Ames and others, while the celebrities affected by the burglaries included Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Brian Austen Green, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan.

The news story was adapted by filmmaker Sofia Coppola in 2013, with Emma Watson starring as Alexis Neiers, while Paris Hilton herself made a cameo. Now, almost 10 years later, the crime story is getting the Hollywood treatment again.

The Real Bling: Hollywood Heist is a Netflix docuseries and it will feature interviews with those involved in the burglaries, as well as their celebrity victims.


The official synopsis for the show reads: "First there was the reality series, then came a Hollywood movie— but the truth about the Bling Ring burglaries has never been told…until now. 10 years after the notorious heists, the culprits have served their jail time and are coming forward to tell the real story behind the Hollywood Hills home-invasions that gripped the nation."

It continues: "A cautionary tale for teens today, the docuseries shows what can happen when a fame-and-celebrity-obsessed culture meets the rise of social media and spins wildly out of control."

In the trailer, The Hills star Audrina Patridge recalls discovering the theft, and tells the camera: "It was like they went shopping in my closet." Later on, she says that having her house broken into left her "the most terrified" she's ever been in her entire life.

We also see Nick Prugo and Alexis Neiers reflecting on their crimes, and how the story was disseminated by the media.


The Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist lands on Netflix on 21 September.