EastEnders fans were not at all impressed with Ben Mitchell's exit 4 years ago

EastEnders fans were not at all impressed with Ben Mitchell's exit

What is happening?

Everybody's a fan of Ben Mitchell.


He's funny, he's a bit mad, he's been portrayed by about 17 different actors over the years - what's not to love?

Lately, Ben's gotten himself into a bit of bother involving money, a heist, and the subsequent loss of all of that money because of course that would happen, it's Ben Mitchell.

That whole debacle seemingly came to a close last night when it was revealed that Ciara had "shaken down" Ben in order to get her money back.


However, that particular scene wasn't actually shown to viewers.

Instead, it was referenced briefly via a throwaway comment that left fans wondering why the hell Ciara was back in London when she had last been seen on a literal ferry in Calais watching Ben.

But sure look, who cares about continuity?


The build-up to Ben's exit had been highly anticipated.

And yet, when it finally happened last night, viewers were less than impressed by how rushed the whole thing seemed to be.

It also appeared that an entire episode had just been dropped from the show to get the storyline over with but sure look, we won't get into that.

Viewers also called for justice for Harry Reid because, you know, Ben Mitchell actors deserve better than this.