EastEnders to air a major flashback episode on New Year's Day 1 month ago

EastEnders to air a major flashback episode on New Year's Day

EastEnders is to air a major flashback episode on New Year's Day.

The long-running soap's Christmas episode left fans with a lot of unanswered questions - especially when it came to Keanu Taylor.

But according to Metroit won't be long until viewers start to get their answers. A special flashback episode, set to air on New Year's Day, will return to the events of the holiday season - and give fans the answers they have been hoping for.

The episode will see what really happened to Keanu - since his fate wasn't exactly confirmed - and how the Mitchell's got their revenge.

Also among the scenes set to air on New Year's Day, fans will find out where Linda Carter was after her extreme drinking pushed her into a dangerous situation.

And with more secrets set to be dug up and lies set to be unraveled, it sounds like an episode that EastEnders fans won't want to miss.

"We all agreed that Christmas is so good we wanted to do it twice! So this year the New Year’s Day episode will be a format-busting sixty minute episode taking us back to the beginning of Christmas Day to see the stories from different perspectives," executive producer Jon Sen told the publication.

"As the episode unfolds, viewers will discover what really happened on that day, when new secrets were born and fresh alliances forged. I can’t wait to see how fans react."

"All serial dramas have played with format over recent years and it’s less of a surprise these days so to do it, there has to be a reason," Kate Oates added. "There was so much story to get in there – there are lots of unanswered questions from Christmas Day and some of them, the audience won’t even have realised have been raised until they watch."