Emmerdale's Victoria to discover she's pregnant after rape attack 7 months ago

Emmerdale's Victoria to discover she's pregnant after rape attack

She was sexually assaulted during the Big Night Out.

Emmerdale's Victoria will find out that she's pregnant after being raped in her home.

Victoria was attacked by Lee after getting separated from Amy, Kerry, Bernice and Rhona when they disappeared in a taxi during the Big Night Out.

After convincing his friend John to leave them alone, Victoria and Lee end up in her house together. He then forces himself into her bedroom, holds her down, and proceeds to sexually assault her.

It turns out though that Victoria's nightmare isn't over just yet as she's soon to discover that she is now pregnant as a result of the rape.

The Sun reports that Victoria, who's played by Isabel Hodgkins, will find out that she's expecting in upcoming scenes - and that she will decide to keep the baby.

However, once born she will make the decision to allow her brother Robert and his partner Aaron to adopt the child.

“Victoria makes the tough call to keep the baby and she hopes that Robert and Aaron will take it," a source told the publication.

“It’s a bittersweet act that will hopefully bring some happiness to viewers who have the seen couple chase their parenthood dreams.”

This comes after Ofcom received multiple complaints about the scene where Victoria is held down and raped by Lee.

Many viewers thought that she scene was too graphic to be broadcast before the watershed, with others criticising the show for casting an actor who has served time in prison for the supply of the date rape drug.

Kris Mochrie, who plays Lee, was sentenced to two years in prison for the supply GHB a few years ago.

After his release, Mochrie said that he "didn't know" GHB was the date rape drug. He was soon welcomed back into the acting community, landing roles on Coronation Street and now Emmerdale.