Everyone is talking about Tyla after last night's Love Island 9 months ago

Everyone is talking about Tyla after last night's Love Island

Lest we forget it's a competition.

Of course part of the premise of Love Island as a show is that young singletons will find love and live happily ever after. They'll enter the villa with open minds and empty hearts, and leave with their dream man/woman on their arms for all eternity. How lovely!

But let's get real - it's about remaining on the show as long as possible and making the most of your fifteen minutes of fame. Stick around for a matter of days and you'll soon be forgotten. Stick it out for a few weeks - or even until the end - and the possibilities are endless.

Tyla Carr was beside herself on Friday night when it was either her or Jonny Mitchell to leave the show. They were like Romeo and Juliet, and cruel fate was intent on tearing them apart! In the end, her streaming tears were too much for her telly beau and he announced he was leaving to keep her in.

"You better wait for me!" she exclaimed like a Shawshank lifer, as he departed. But a few days is a long time on the ITV real-life drama, and on Friday night's episode she was locking lips with 'Muggy' Mike Thalassitis.

Oh dear: Love Island's Tyla Carr proved her emotional wounds over Jonny Mitchell's departure were perhaps superficial on Friday night's show when she opted to couple up and lock lips with hunky Mike Thalassitis

It's safe to say this didn't go down well with the watching public, whose thoughts turned to 'poor' Jonny. But remember, it's all a game, and he would have done exactly the same to her given the opportunity...although probably not with Mike.


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