Everyone's saying the same thing about Conor McGregor's Burger King ad 3 years ago

Everyone's saying the same thing about Conor McGregor's Burger King ad

Peak McGregor.

First things first, if you haven't watched the Conor McGregor Burger King advert, please watch the Conor McGregor Burger King advert.


Even if you have yet to see it though, you can probably hazard a fairly accurate guess as to what it entails - McGregor in a suit, doing something to emphasise how much money he's got, while eating a burger.

That, in a nutshell, is pretty much it. There's a private jet in there too and an assertion from McGregor that he's finally found "a real contender who can bring the heat."


This contender in question is, naturally, a spicy crispy chicken sandwich from Burger King.

Not our first choice as an opponent in the ring but sure look, anything that keeps us from having to deal with the McGregor/Mayweather 'feud' and how little we care about it is a positive in our books.


In the ad, McGregor is also joined by the lad himself - the Burger King.

He pops onto the MMA champion's private jet to deliver his spicy chicken based meal, eventually standing around on the red carpet when the jet lands.

McGregor also makes some sort of comment about the haters putting his son through college or something.



Anyway, it's probably fair to go ahead and assume that McGregor made a lot of serious coin from this ad.

And in fairness, you'd want to to be sharing a meal with a lad in a giant Burger King head.

Still though, that didn't stop a lot of people from ripping the piss out of McGregor's newest (and spiciest) opponent on Twitter.



A true icon.