Fears for Corrie's Sinead Tinker as latest cancer treatment could bring more heartache 1 year ago

Fears for Corrie's Sinead Tinker as latest cancer treatment could bring more heartache

There are fresh fears for Sinead Tinker as her latest cancer treatment could lead to more heartache.

The Weatherfielder was diagnosed with cervical cancer earlier this year, soon after finding out that she was pregnant with Daniel Osborne's baby.

She has since been lying to him about going to chemotherapy and instead, trying alternative medicine in an effort to cure the illness herself.

A chance at a special kind of treatment in Germany brought fresh hopes for Sinead, as she discovered that she might be able to save the life of her unborn child.

But Coronation Street actor Katie McGlynn has said that going abroad most likely wont give Sinead the result she wants.

Speaking to The Sun, she said:

"I'd love for the treatment in Germany to help Sinead, however I've personally researched it and a lot of cases, it won't.

"Germany are doing a lot more research methods than we are, as England. However it's not as successful as chemo is so for Sinead's current predicament, she needs chemo on the NHS – that's her best option."

The actor went on to say that despite all of Sinead's efforts to avoid chemotherapy, it is the only treatment that's going to help her.

"The only way you're going to help Sinead's diagnosis is with medicine," she said. "The main way for actual treatment is chemotherapy."

McGlynn recently told Her that she was delighted to be involved in such an important storyline and that all of the feedback she's received has been really positive.

She said:

"Everyone's been lovely and sweet to me, I've had people coming up and sharing their own personal stories. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer in some way.

"The storyline has touched so many people - you don't realise how many people you can help, and [Coronation Street] has given me the platform to do that."