We finally know when season 2 of Big Little Lies will air 2 years ago

We finally know when season 2 of Big Little Lies will air

Come. At. Me.

Big Little Lies is coming back.


If you've never seen an episode of Big Little Lies, you need to stop what you're doing, long onto the World Wide Web on desktop, and go watch the entire first season of Big Little Lies.

It's worth it, trust us.

We haven't received much information about the new series but now Nicole Kidman has let slip when the new season is going to premiere.

In a recent interview, Nicole let out: “June, I think. We’re looking at June,” she said. “We’re still in the midst of editing it, but, um, thanks for asking' ’cause we’re glad that people are excited about it.”

It is expected that most of the original cast will return for the second season of the show, as well as adding Meryl Streep into the mix.


In the upcoming series of the show, Meryl is set to play Celeste's mother-in-law following the death of her husband.

Celeste, played by Nicole Kidman, was being emotionally and physically abused by her husband up until his eventual death at the end of season one.

It makes sense then that Reese's character, Madeline, isn't all that happy that remnants of her friend's abuser (his mother) are showing up in her town.