Former TOWIE star Kirk Norcross slams shop assistant who said he'd gone 'downhill' 4 years ago

Former TOWIE star Kirk Norcross slams shop assistant who said he'd gone 'downhill'

Remember him?

Kirk Norcross was one of the stars of the first season of TOWIE but since then, he’s swapped life in front of the camera for a career in construction.


However, recently he found himself being shamed by a staff member in a supermarket after he revealed his career change.

Taking to Twitter this week, Kirk hit out at the person who dismissed his job as a builder.

“So, it’s not secret and I am not ashamed to say that I failed my TV career and decided to take a job in construction to provide for my family and I’m actually proud to do so,” read a note he shared online.

“So, today I popped in to Tesco to grab some lunch and the lady serving me very loudly says in front of the huge queue, ‘Shouldn’t you be filming for TOWIE?’.

“I reply saying, ‘Haha no that was a long time ago and I’m now building houses down the road.’ She then adds even more loudly, ‘Wow, you’ve gone downhill haven’t you.’”


Kirk also hit out at Tesco for the interaction with one of their staff members, saying:

“I think Tesco should teach their staff some manners! I suffer from depression and anxiety and this definitely hit me hard.

“So thanks to the lady that said this to me.”


Kirk starred on the reality show when it started back in 2010 when he was romantically linked to both Amy Childs and Lauren Pope.

He left the show after the third season before rejoining briefly for season eight.