Fraggle Rock is being rebooted and our little nostalgic hearts can't take it 3 months ago

Fraggle Rock is being rebooted and our little nostalgic hearts can't take it

I could not be more excited.

Everything Jim Henson was my childhood.

I was obsessed with The Muppets, Sesame Street and of course Fraggle Rock.

Originally running from 1983 to 1987, Fraggle Rock had just gone off the air by the time I was old enough to watch it, but it was regularly re-run and my older cousins had some of it on VHS.

Gone from our TVs for over 30 years now, you probably thought you'd never see the Fraggles, Doozers, Gorgs and Silly Creatures again but have I got good news for you...

That's right: the cast and characters of Fraggle Rock are returning - and we can not wait!

Apple is reviving the series, entitled Fraggle Rock: Rock On!  for a series of short weekly episodes filmed in quarantine and the best part is the first episode is already up.

The rebooted series is available to watch for free on Apple TV+, and new episodes will drop every Tuesday.

Due to the fact that the series is being filmed in quarantine (which I can't imagine is easy to do with all your puppeteers living in different locations) each episode will only be about five minutes long.

According to AV Club Fraggle Rock will be taking inspiration from the real world, as the Fraggles have found themselves separated from one another in various parts of their vast underground cave network, and it’s forcing them to come up with creative ways to stay connected - just like us.

As well as being entertaining, it also seems like a great way to explain the pandemic situation to kids in a fun and family friendly way.

My two kids love The Muppets so I think we'll definitely have to have a look at an episode or two of the new series.

For the kids, of course.