Gals, you honestly need this 'agony aunt' podcast in your life... it will soothe your soul 1 year ago

Gals, you honestly need this 'agony aunt' podcast in your life... it will soothe your soul

The podcast touches on everything from tattoos, to breakups and contraception.

In the last few years, podcasts have exploded in terms of their popularity. At this stage, there's probably one dedicated to almost anything you can think of. There are podcasts dedicated to talking about murder cases (SSDGM, you guys), politics, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Some are more concise, while others stray into Joe Rogan territory, chatting for hours.

With new ones springing up on the daily, it can get a little overwhelming and serve as a deterrent, but if you've not yet found a podcast you really connect with, give On the Line, hosted by Esteé Lalonde a go.

It's honestly one of the most refreshing pieces of content you'll consume on your daily commute. Esteé is a Youtuber with over one million subscribers on her eponymous channel.

The gentle cadence of her Canadian voice is deeply calming and Esteé is funny, sophisticated and mature in equal measure.

She also isn't afraid to be honest with her listeners too, which really consolidates the podcast.

On the Line recently started its second series and every week, Esteé invites a new guest to talk about a fresh topic. Listens are asked to submit any questions relating to the subject that they may have and Esteé and her guest offer their best advice.

Fellow Youtuber, Amelia Liana has been on to talk about friendship, tattoo artist Girl Knew York has chatted about inking Ariana Grande, a medical professional has discussed contraception and much more.

Esteé says that it focuses on "the shared experiences of women" and covers "every sleepover discussion topic you've ever been curious about." SOLD!

Honestly, it's just a lovely podcast to listen to and it hits on topics that concern us all - give it a go!