Garth Brooks will try play 5 nights at Croke Park - again 1 year ago

Garth Brooks will try play 5 nights at Croke Park - again

He never stops.

Country music star Garth Brooks is set to try and play Croke Park for another five concerts next year.


According to RTÉ News, Brooks is looking to play five concerts over two weekends in September 2022, and is already getting the paperwork sorted.

Croke Park already has planning permission for three concerts in a year, but it looks like Brooks' team are planning on applying for a compliance certification for these.

It is expected that they will then apply for an event licence for an additional two shows, and it could all happen very soon.


Seven years ago, Brooks had to cancel all his shows at Croke Park due to a highly publicised dispute with Dublin City Council. The Council announced that they were only granting the singer a license for three of the five planned concerts.

Brooks, however, insisted on playing all five shows or none at all. The Council would not grant licenses for the other two gigs, and in the end the musician cancelled his entire sold out leg in Ireland.

There were roughly around 400,000 tickets that needed to be refunded to fans across the country.


The Croke Park Residents Association's chairperson Patrick Gates has said that Brooks' return to Croke Park has yet to be communicated officially with locals.

Speaking to Claire Byrne, he expressed that there needs to be a formal consultation with residents before any decision is made and the current process is "disappointing."

He said: "We are all looking forward to opening up and moving past Covid... but it has to be done in a respectful way that is cognisant of local needs."