Gilmore Girls fans can now get a spot of lunch in Lorelai's Stars Hollow house 2 years ago

Gilmore Girls fans can now get a spot of lunch in Lorelai's Stars Hollow house

She makes a decent chicken fillet roll, in fairness to her.

A few years back, Gilmore Girls ended.


Then, a few years afterwards, the reunion special happened.

It, like most reboots, wasn't all that good, but listen, what can you do, it filled a nostalgia-based hole, so whatever.

Now though, Gilmore Girls fans are being given the glorious chance to dine out for a spot of lunch in actual Stars Hollow.

And yeah, that pretty much makes up for the not-amazing reboot, so cheers.


This winter, Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California is giving fans the opportunity to visit Stars Hollow, check out Luke's Diner, and wander around the lovely town as if they too are residents of the entirely fictional neighbourhood.

They'll even get to eat a "holiday themed" meal out the front of Lorelai's house.

The dream, tbh.


"Imagine lunching in Lorelai’s yard, peeking inside Luke’s Diner, and standing on Sookie’s front porch as you relive your favourite moments from the show," reads the website.

"Enjoy a holiday-themed lunch filled with Lorelai’s favorites, and of course, Luke’s coffee available for purchase.

"Even though Sookie won’t be preparing them herself, Emily Gilmore surely would approve of these culinary treats!"


We're sure.

Tickets for the tour start at $57.00 (€51.00) for southern California residents, which is expensive enough, but honestly if you're bopping around the area (and are a Gilmore Girls fan), it'll probably be worth it.

You can find out more about the Gilmore Girls tour here.