Gogglebox fans call for ban after Friday episode hit with complaints 1 year ago

Gogglebox fans call for ban after Friday episode hit with complaints

Part of Friday night's episode was labelled as 'horrible and 'horrific'.

Viewers of Friday night's Gogglebox episode were left "traumatised" by a particular segment of the show, with many expressing their "horror" on social media.


The Channel 4 show has become one of the most popular programmes across the UK and Ireland, with millions tuning in to watch fan favourites such as Pete and Sophie, Giles and Mary, and Lee and Jenny cast their critical eye over the good, the bad, and the ugly of television.

But many felt that part of Friday's episode was far too traumatic for casual viewing.

The scene that caused the upset was from the latest Netflix nature documentary series Animal, which follows some of the world's most fascinating creatures.

Instead of Sir David Attenborough, this series is narrated by a star-studded line up of Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, Pedro Pascal and Rashida Jones.


Friday's episode saw a pack of kangaroos being chased by dingos.

Eventually, one of the kangaroo mothers carrying her joey in her pouch starts to fall behind, leading the Goggleboxers to become very concerned.

And when the joey starts to fall out of the pouch, their worst fears are realised, with the mother leaving her youngster behind, as the dingos feast.

All of the show's participants were understandably upset at the documentary clip, says London Live. But the clip, which shows nature at its most brutal, also left viewers of the reality show traumatised.


One complained: "Honestly #gogglebox why every week do you bloody insist on showing these bloody nature programmes, as every week I have to switch off!"

Another tweeted: "@gogglebox Please stop showing horrific animal stories, like tonight’s Joey and Dingo clip. I avoid watching those programmes as they play on my mind, only to be tricked into watching them on your programme!! The warnings are too vague & insufficient."


A third asked the show to "stop putting the horrible animal deaths on," with another saying that the scene was "not very Friday night vibes at all."


A further commenter said: "The nature programmes that they show are literally traumatising."

Of course, the show soon moved on to more light-hearted matters, such as Jenny telling Lee about a time she left her baby in a pram outside the shops. But for some viewers, this didn't make up for the upsetting scenes before.