Gogglebox receives 149 complaints for x-rated duck scene 3 months ago

Gogglebox receives 149 complaints for x-rated duck scene

The show has attracted some serious backlash for airing a scene from Apple TV's new anthology series Roar.

Channel 4's Gogglebox has received almost 150 Ofcom complaints for last Friday's episode, in which the cast watched a scene from Roar.


The Apple TV Plus series is based on a number of short stories by Cecelia Ahern, and last week, the cast of Gogglebox watched one titled The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck.

The series stars Merritt Wever as Elisa, a woman who meets a talking duck and is eventually seduced by him.

Their relationship develops, and in the final scene, viewers were shocked to see the animated duck engaging in oral sex with Elisa.

The Gogglebox couch critics were left speechless by the scene, and many of them covered their eyes.


Fan favourite Giles was baffled by the scene, and said: "The duck can't physically...."

To this, his wife Mary replied: "Well, he can, he can use his beak as a penetrative tool."


Upon watching, she then described it as "the worst thing" she's ever seen.

Viewers at home were also shocked by the clip.

One tweeted: "The next day and (I'm) still in shock, completely unnecessary. I sometimes watch the show with my teenage son, thank God we didn't last night!"

Another wrote: "Definitely a new low, not funny or entertaining. Who signed it off?"


A third viewer tweeted: "Off to get some bleach for my eyes."

Elsewhere on Twitter, other viewers labelled it as "inappropriate" and "disturbing".

Now, almost a week later, Ofcom, which is the UK's Office of Communications, has confirmed that they received 149 complaints in relation to the scene.

It is not currently clear if an investigation will take place.

The next episode of Gogglebox is due to air tomorrow night at 9pm on Channel 4.