Gogglebox's Paige Deville never wants to speak to mum again after quitting show 1 year ago

Gogglebox's Paige Deville never wants to speak to mum again after quitting show


Gogglebox star Paige Deville is not one bit impressed with her own mother, claiming she never wants to speak to her ever again.


The mother and daughter duo starred on the UK version of the series but both decided to end their stint on the series.

Letting her true feelings for their departure out on Twitter overnight, Paige called out her mum for being a "disgrace" and even ripped into Gogglebox itself.

Appearing to be now deleted, she wrote: "To clarify, people thinking I fell out with my mom over Gogglebox, my ‘mom’ is an absolute disgrace who I wish to never speak to again due to a serious family issue NOT about a TV show."


Claiming the hit Channel 4 series provided "zero aftercare", Paige said she feels free after deciding to quit the series.

She continued: "These are just a few things I felt needed to be aired about REAL issues being on a reality show.

"I have never been so happy and free since deciding to leave & that chapter is now closed but I felt I had to justify myself as people are still commenting.

"BE KIND, always xx."


While it is unknown yet if her mum Sally will be returning to the series, the pair were much loved on the show since they first appeared in 2019.

Announcing her departure in September, Paige wrote on Twitter: "I have made the decision to walk away from Gogglebox. It’s been an experience but one I cannot continue with due to long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions & zero aftercare support.

"But hey who cares about ex cast, they’re NTA winners."

So sad to see this pair go.