There are some great movies on the telly tonight... here are 5 you should watch 4 years ago

There are some great movies on the telly tonight... here are 5 you should watch

Plenty to choose from.

Spending your night on the sofa with a cup of tea and a share bag of Doritos that you're definitely going to eat all by yourself?


Well, you're in luck because there's plenty on the telly to keep you entertained while you do it.

Yes, there is quite the selection of movies that are perfect for Sunday night viewing.

Here are five worth considering.



1. Now You See Me 2 – RTÉ2, 9pm

Plot: A gang of magicians-turned-criminals is reunited by a ruthless technology magnate, who forces the team to carry out a seemingly impossible heist on his behalf. The illusionists realise their only hope of avoiding the law is to expose the businessman's illegal activities.


2. R.I.P.D. – Channel 4, 10.15pm


Plot: A cop is murdered in the line of duty by his crooked partner and ends up recruited by a supernatural police force. Teaming up with a Wild West lawman, he is sent back to Earth to prevent ghosts from causing chaos and uncovers a plot to overrun the land of the living with evil spirits.


3. RoboCop – ITV4, 9pm

Plot: A police officer in a future Detroit ravaged by crime is seemingly killed in the line of duty but is rebuilt as a law-enforcing cyborg by the corporation that has taken over running the force. He begins to remember his human life and seeks to bring his killers to justice - a mission that leads him to turn on his corrupt corporate masters.



4. Step Brothers – Comedy Central, 9pm

Plot: Brennan and Dale are two 40-year-old men who have never flown the nest. All that changes when Brennan's mother marries Dale's father and the spoiled sons are forced to share a room. They take an instant dislike to each other, but when their long-suffering parents finally insist they find jobs, they learn to work together.


5. Outbreak – Syfy, 9pm

Plot: An expert in infectious diseases races against time to find a cure for a rapidly fatal airborne virus which is wiping out the population of a small town and is threatening to turn into a pandemic. However, his task is hampered by senior military men, who are bent on burning down the town and incinerating the virus with it, regardless of any casualties.