Grey's Anatomy confirms plans for beloved character to return for season 16 5 months ago

Grey's Anatomy confirms plans for beloved character to return for season 16

Looks like a familiar face may be scrubbing back in at Grey Sloan Memorial soon.

At least, if Grey's Anatomy show runner Krista Vernoff has anything to say about it.

“I’m trying to get someone back,” she told TVLine this week at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour. "I'm trying to get someone back. There's someone I'm hoping will make an appearance this year, [but] it's a real maybe. I'm trying."

OK, so she didn't specify just who the possible returnee would be - but given that she's hoping they will make an "appearance", it doesn't look like the mystery person may be sticking around for very long.

And the EP also revealed what's net for this season, given that dramatic cliffhanger for season 15's Season of Love. 

"I don't have a theme this season," Vernoff added, explaining that season 16 will actually be tackling a number of different themes.

She said:

“It’s the season of family and it’s the season of expansion, because we’re expanding the world of Grey’s Anatomy [via Station 19].

“We’re having so much fun. I kind of want to call it the ‘Season of Fun.’ We sat at the table read today [for Episode 2] and we laughed until we cried.  There is some really fun, funny stuff coming up.”

It comes as fans were recently given the first look at season 16.

Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays Dr. Andrew DeLuca, to share a behind-the-scenes photo with Ellen Pompeo which seems to hint at a much happier time for their two characters.

But then again, it would hard for it to get any worse than one of them being behind bars.


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The photo shows Pompeo seemingly wearing a pair of pyjamas, with Gianniotti wearing scrubs - which seems to resolve some of last season's cliffhanger, at least.

Alongside the photo, the actor wrote:

"First day back at work with this beauty! @ellenpompeo.

"Season 16 of @greysabc here we go! #greysanatomy #greysisbackbaby #pajamadayeveryday #icecreamforbreakfast."