HBO exec reveals how Sex and the City will explain Sam's absence 7 months ago

HBO exec reveals how Sex and the City will explain Sam's absence

It's not what we expected.

Since the Sex and the City reboot was announced and that it will be without Kim Cattrall AKA Samantha Jones, there has been much speculation on how the show will explain her absence.


Many fans theorised that the show will probably say that Sam unfortunately succumbed to cancer, which she was diagnosed with in the original Sex and the City series with others guessing that she could be self isolating in another country.

As it turns out it won't be either of these reasons, and even though it's realistic (and very true to life in the case of the cast), the explanation for her absence is a bit meh.

According to a HBO executive the iconic Samantha won't be there because she's simply not part of the gang anymore after falling out of touch with the others;

"Just as in real life, people come into your life and people leave.

Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of the real stages — the actual stages of life.

They're trying to tell an honest story about being a woman in her fifties in New York.

So it should all feel somewhat organic, and the friends that you have when you're 30, you may not have when you're 50."

To be honest the reasoning seems like a bit of a cop out.


Yes while Cattrall and did not get along with her co-stars, on the show the friends were extremely tight so it doesn't make sense that they would completely lose touch with her.

In my opinion the creators of the show went with this storyline rather than killing her off because having her die would still make her a focal point of the show and someone the characters would still have to talk about (taking the attention away from them) and that just wasn't something the creators or cast wanted.

Samantha was my favourite character on the original show so I really don't know if I'll tune into the reboot, especially with her character's write out being so lame.