Here are 10 reasons why Michael D Higgins is an absolute BOSS 4 years ago

Here are 10 reasons why Michael D Higgins is an absolute BOSS

Having been successfully elected for a second term as President of Ireland back in October, it's been quite the year for Michael D Higgins.

Here are ten reasons why he's class:


1) When he stands next to anyone tall he doesn't get intimidated 

I've got an inch on Miggeldy, but I sympathise with the experience of standing next to anyone tall and feeling like a solar eclipse is occurring. There are plenty of hilarious examples of Michael D next to tall folk, but I think my personal favourite has to be the infamous pic where he's sandwiched between Paul O’Connell and Devin Toner. GOLDEN.


2) His undying love for doggos

Dog people are scientifically proven to be the nicest, most intelligent people going (based on studies I've independently undertaken) so it just makes sense that Michael has two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bród and Sioda, whom he adores. I especially love this snap as it looks like he cajoled Sabina into taking a good 20 pictures before he was happy...what a #InstaHun.


3) The time he hopped on the BMX

The seventy-seven-year-old proved he was still down with the kids.


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Best president the world has ever known. #miggeldyhigens #michaeldhiggins

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4) The Slane throwback pic

Probably the best thing to grace the internet.

5) The time he critiqued Ryan Tubridy's music taste and labelled him as "mainstream"


During the 2013 RTÉ interview Michael D chatted about when he wrote for Hot Press in 1982 (skitting) and revealed himself to be "more of a Rolling Stones person that a Beatles person", mocking Tubs for being "mainstream" when he said he preferred the latter band. Anyone who's a Stones fan is ok in my book.

Here are 10 reasons why Michael D Higgins is an absolute BOSS

6) When he did the Mexican Wave at the Liam Miller tribute match


7) When he proved he ain't no diva and queued for the ATM

Gettin' those dolla$ out to buy a Rolling Stones 'tape' or bring Sabina to the 'pictures' no doubt.

8) When he called conservative political commentator, Michael Graham, a w*nker live on radio

The firey comment came after Graham opposed the White House’s health care reform bill in a 2010 interview with Mickey D. The exchange showcased the President's excellent debating skills and showed he's NOT one to mess with.


9) He champions important movements

Michael D has long been a supporter of women's rights and as a senator in 1983 critiqued the Eighth Amendment. He also supports culture and the arts and is keen to maintain respectful, peaceful relationships when the outcomes of Brexit begin to unfold.

10) Because he's inspired the best tea cosies the world will ever have

He may only be 5’3, but Michael D is the legend we all look up to.