Here's our ULTIMATE list of animated crushes we never quite got over 4 years ago

Here's our ULTIMATE list of animated crushes we never quite got over

You know what it's Sunday... and we're feeling weird, it's the perfect day to explore our romantic feelings for cartoons.

We've hashed this one out in the office on a number of occasions, and we felt it only fitting that we finally sit down and delve deep into the chasm of our childhood desires.


We're starting off strong with a Disney classic in the form of grown-up Simba... specifically, that beautiful moment when his voice breaks and we realised we fancy cartoon lions; and Sarah Jessica Parker's husband.

Skip to 1.29 for the good stuff.



Fern Gully is one of the MOST underrated cartoons in our opinion. We had a firm crush on Zach from the get-go, maybe it was the deep California tan or his wife-beater we're NOT sure.

He tried to save a rain forest and that's good enough for us, we basically want all our relationships to be like this movie song. Oh, and we'd like to fly too.


We fell in love at 1.18



I doubt I'll have a huge amount of support on this one, but that small Fairy Prince fella from Thumbelina gave me all the feels. It could be because I was a titch and I thought a tiny prince would arrive on a bumblebee to save the day.


Any day now bumblebee.

There isn't a specific moment in this one, just watch it all... we're aware that a strong flying theme is developing.




Kokoum from Pocohantas made us very confused, on the one hand, he wasn't our stereotypical crush, a little serious you might say.

On the other hand, we think he actually really loved her, and we balled our eyes out when he died.





Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid... I KNOW WE'RE BASIC.




In the spirit of balance, I posed the question on my twitter account, and guess what... people fancy Jessica Rabbit.





And finally, we leave you with Aladdin, our favourite street urchin who charmed a princess and made us all want to go out and steal some apples.

1.33 for your viewing pleasure.