Noah Reid tells us all about the potential Schitt's Creek movie 8 months ago

Noah Reid tells us all about the potential Schitt's Creek movie

If you haven't heard about Schitt's Creek then you have been living under a rock.

It is the show that has taken over our screens, and most conversations, for the last while.


The series started airing back in 2015 on Canadian television and soon made its way to Netflix. Needless to say, once it hit Irish shores, it was an instant hit.

We recently caught up with one of the show's stars, Noah Reid, who plays Patrick on the series.

Since Schitt's Creek ended (and stole the show at the Emmys), there has been talk about a movie. We would be so down for it, and luckily, so would Noah.

"I think that if there is to be a movie it had better be a very good one," he tells Her, "because going out with nine Emmys in our pocket I think is a pretty nice send off for the show.

"[But] I would be thrilled to work with all those people again."


Schitt's Creek is funny, romantic and touching all at the same time, while also tackling topical issues.

Before the final season aired, its network displayed a huge poster of two main male characters kissing - a huge and incredible statement to make.

"We stopped by it one day in LA, and to see that on Sunset Boulevard was just crazy," says Noah. "It gave me goosebumps.

"People were going out and kissing under the billboard too, which was an incredible thing to see."


Schitt's Creek has long been a celebration of the LGBT community, featuring multiple gay characters and plots directly showcasing varying sexualities.

The series made headlines recently when a scene featuring two male characters kissing was cut on Comedy Central in India - a move that fan were, unsurprisingly, not happy about. "That was so bizarre to me," says Noah. "I'm glad that the fans are letting them know that that's not cool."

Fans of the series will no doubt remember the iconic moment when Noah took on Tina Turner's 'You're simply the best,' in a nod to his own musical talents.


"That was a crazy cool moment," he says. "The trust Dan [Levy] gave to me to try my hand at coming up with a rendition and arrangement of that song... It needed to fit the moment and the characters in the story. It was certainly a beautiful thing to be able to contribute."

Before he found fame on Schitt's Creek, Noah was also writing and singing his own music too. His new song from his latest album, Gemini, is called 'Honesty.' He wrote it about his wife, Clare, who he married over lockdown.

"It was about a moment where I met her," he says. "It's just that feeling when you meet somebody and your head turns a different way. I did not know this was possible to feel that way."

Noah's new single, 'Honesty' is out now. 


Schitt's Creek is currently streaming on Netflix.