The internet can't get over Keke Palmer not knowing who Brooklyn Beckham is 11 months ago

The internet can't get over Keke Palmer not knowing who Brooklyn Beckham is

This is just too good.

We're all caught up on the Met Gala at this point, from Kim Kardashian's head to toe covering to Rihanna and ASAP Rocky's fashionably late red carpet debut.


But there was one moment very early on that had a lot of fans in hysterics.

Hosting Vogue's live stream of the event, Keke Palmer was left on interviewing duty for the site and was completely stumped when Brooklyn Beckham arrived for a chat.

Arriving with his fiancee Nicola Peltz, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham was ready for his close up only to be completely shut down.

Keke clearly knew Nicola, asking her the majority of the questions and making the whole interview seem like the two were simply having a catch up, while Brooklyn chimed in a few times.

But it was when Keke turned to him and asked where he was from, the internet couldn't cope anymore.

Telling her he's from England but lives in LA, it didn't click with the Emmy winning actress at all, which fans watching only found more hilarious.

"Keke asking where Brooklyn BECKHAM is from, do you not know his dad ma’am???" One fan wrote on Twitter, with another saying: "keke palmer asking where brooklyn beckham is from is the most american part of this met gala so far."


Most of the tweets about their interaction had a similar theme, all bringing up the Vanity Fair interview she gave when she didn't recognise Dick Cheney, saying: "I don't know who this man is, he could be walking down the street, I wouldn't know a thing.

"Sorry to this man."

Fans were having a field day with this meme, saying this was exactly what she must have been thinking when Brooklyn walked up.


One said: "Keke Palmer asking Brooklyn Beckham where he is from like his parents aren’t some of the most famous Brits out there."


Another added: "Keke said to Brooklyn Beckham “and where are you from?” She legitimately didn’t know that man."

A third wrote: "keke palmer asking brooklyn beckham where he’s from made me chuckle."

Keke is yet to make any comment on this, but with her sense of humour, she's bound to find it hilarious when she finds out who he is.