The Islanders find out they need to vote for the least compatible couple on tonight's episode 1 year ago

The Islanders find out they need to vote for the least compatible couple on tonight's episode


As Love Island returns, there are five couples remaining. And as any fan of the show knows, only four make it to the final, which is only days away.


After each couple has been sent out on their final dates, the love in the air doesn't last as they discover they need to vote for who they think is the least compatible couple.

In tonight's episode, as the islanders come off the high from their big dates, Indiyah receives the dreaded text.

Learning that they now must vote for who they think are the two least compatible couples, each couple needs to submit their decisions by text and aren't allowed to discuss it with the other couples.


As they go back and forth over who to choose, Ekin-Su tells Davide: “Let’s be real, this is not friend island OK.”

Paige admits: “It’s not nice at all.”

As they send their choices Indiyah asks: “Are we sure?”

But only time will tell who they choose.


Meanwhile during the episode, it is less depressing for the islanders as the dates continue with Tasha and Andrew and Gemma and Luca heading off.

Tasha and Andrew are brought to the beach where a jaw-dropping Kardashian-inspired giant 3D heart made entirely of red roses welcome them.

Not believing what is before their eyes, Andrew says: “That’s actually insane!”


Tasha says: “Stop it, no way!”

Andrew laughs: “Well, you wanted a lot of roses..!”

As they reminisce, Andrew says: “I literally adore you.”

Tasha adds: “I never thought I’d ask a guy to be my boyfriend. I felt it had to be me to do it, to prove to you, to show you, I’m willing to do this, I’m ready to be 100% for you and all for you. That shows to me how it should be.”

Thinking of one of their favourite memories, Andrew says: “When you told me about your superpower. You’re incredibly brave and that’s a quality that I love about you. I want to be there for you no matter what, support you. I got you. I got you babe.”


Tasha says: “All I ever wanted was a guy to just love me for me, the fact that you are like that, just makes me feel so lucky to have you.”

Andrew replies: “I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot, you know that.”

When it comes to Gemma and Luca, they arrive at a private courtyard-style set up, they are serenaded by a mesmerising six-piece ensemble.

Sitting down, they chat about their time in the villa as Luca admits: "Did I actually think I’d meet someone like you that makes me want to move to the other side of England for? No.”

Gemma says: “We are literally the same person, it’s crazy.

“We wind each other up. But we both love it. You know I find it hard being lovey-dovey, but I feel like I’m quite more lovely-dovey with you than anyone really before… I always find myself gravitating towards you. I always want to be near you and in your company.”

Luca adds: “Listen, I feel like we know what we are anyway, and we ain’t put a label on it, but obviously one of them surprises [back home] might be putting a label on it when we’re ready. Just waiting for the right moment. Hopefully I get the right answer.”

Coming back to the Villa, Gemma says to the girls: “We’ve all been on our final dates of Love Island!”

But little does she know what's in store.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.