James Corden and Kevin Hart had an epic rap battle for the ages 6 years ago

James Corden and Kevin Hart had an epic rap battle for the ages

James Corden is a man who knows how to have some fun.

The Gavin & Stacey star (never forget your roots, James) has seen his popularity rise remarkably since taking over as the host of the Late Late Show, one of the best-loved talk shows in all of America.


So how does a London boy like Corden use this to his advantage? By organising carpool karoake with some of the biggest names in show business and hosting rap battles with the rest. We can't say we blame him to be honest - if we could do the same, we would.

His latest venture has been to challenge comedian Kevin Hart to a rap battle, and the results are just as incredible as we hoped.

While you might expect something like this to be a tame affair which has been pre-approved by Hart's publicist, Corden immediately sets down a marker by tearing into the diminutive comedian for his height (or lack thereof).

But don't worry, Hart more than rises to the occasion, giving it back just as hard as he gets it.


In the end, the crowd comes out in favour of Hart but we feel like Corden had it wrapped up until that final set of bars from the Central Intelligence star.