Jeremy McConnell has just been sent to prison for 18 weeks 4 years ago

Jeremy McConnell has just been sent to prison for 18 weeks

Jeremy McConnell looks set to spend Christmas behind bars.

He's been sent to prison for failing to turn up for his court-ordered community service.


He reportedly missed the service as he flew to Turkey last week to get a hair transplant.

The reality TV personality has been told by Cardiff Magistrates' Court that he will spend the next 18 weeks in prison, meaning he won't be out until the end of March.

Jeremy McConnell confirms new relationship

He was given 20 weeks in prison, suspended for twelve months, back in August after being found guilty of assaulting ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis.


The judge ordered him to complete 200 hours of unpaid work, pay Stephanie £1,000 in compensation and carry out a Building Better Relationships course with the Probation Service.

But Jeremy was spotted on social media last week promoting Turkish hair transplant clinic Hair Of Istanbul.

He travelled to the country for a procedure to take hair follicles from his head and put them on his face for a beard.


Jeremy's assault on Stephanie, with whom he has a nine-month-old son Caben, occurred in March of this year.

At the hearing in August, the court heard that it involved Jeremy throwing Stephanie "around like a rag doll."

She said the assault made her fear for her life.

"I heard him go over the gate, it was literally like a horror film. I just thought, 'this is it, he's going to kill me'."