Johnson and Friends - Where are they now? 6 years ago

Johnson and Friends - Where are they now?

Johnson and Friends was LIFE.

I used to love watching my favourite Australian anthropomorphic household items come to life, which, in retrospect, probably kickstarted my distrust in the alleged insentient nature of my belongings. Toy Story didn't help either.


As expected, the cast of Johnson and Friends have been up to all sorts since their commitments to the show wrapped up. Let's take a look at where they are today.




This flamboyant pink elephant turned to the cigarette industry shortly after filming with JAF. He launched his very own brand of smokes, called Pink Elephant. They were the world's first cigarettes to be entirely pink in colour, and boast over ten billion sales worldwide to date.

Things took a bit of a turn when the recession hit, with Johnson losing a lot of revenue, putting the company in jeopardy. He's since turned to the vaping industry, where he has his very own shop in the US called 'Tit Tape and Vape', selling both lingerie adhesive and e-cigarettes.





The nation's favourite concertina was always destined for greatness, and that's exactly where she went after JAF. McDuff was snapped up by the BBC Philharmonic orchestra and has traveled the world over playing classics such as Thriller by Michael Jackson and Whole Lotta Lovin' by Six.

She's still in touch with Diesel, and they often go on holidays together to the South of France. On their last excursion, they rented a pedalo and ended up pedalling all the way to the English Channel. French authorities had to rescue them and tow them back to safety, the divils!





He's a household name at this point, and so he should be. Diesel is a driver to the stars in none other than Hollywood, Los Angeles. He's taken stars such as Richard E. Grant and Winona Ryder's accountant to their desired destinations, the lucky brum bruuuum.

Diesel is currently writing a tell-all book about the lies and deceit he's encountered during his time as a driver in L.A. While he's remained very tight-lipped about the tales included in the autobiography, he hinted at a rampant toe corn fetish that a certain Hulkamaniac has. Scandalous. We're looking forward to reading it!





The nation's favourite hot water bottle struggled with self-esteem issues for years after the show ended, mostly due to online trolls. He received e-mails questioning why on Earth anyone in Australia would have a hot water bottle, which is a fair enough question, but not great for Alfred to hear, considering his life's work.

He since moved to Ireland, where he's currently getting plenty of use with a lovely family from Cork. The O'Briens took to Alfred like a duck to (hot) water (bottle). He recently celebrated his 5,000th fill-up and is looking forward to 5,000 more. Alfred hopes to infiltrate the electric blanket industry and ultimately destroy it.




Unsurprisingly, Squeaks went into the world of security after her commitments with JAS. She's been working with the United States Secret Service since 1995 and has successfully prevented any Presidents from coming to harm. She's said in the past that she's prepared to take a bullet for the President and we're in awe of her bravery.

With the upcoming election, Squeaky is naturally quite apprehensive about whose life she's going to be guarding for her job. She has threatened to quit her job if the wrong person gets elected, so we'd like to take this opportunity to urge America not to make the wrong decision, for the sake of Squeaky's employment.




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