Does Khloe's latest photoshop fail mean she actually is pregnant? 4 years ago

Does Khloe's latest photoshop fail mean she actually is pregnant?

Just tell us already, Koko.

We've had it up to here with Kardashian pregnancy speculation - while we know for a fact that Kim is expecting another baby (reportedly via a surrogate), we're still none the wiser as to whether the rumours about Kylie and Khloe are true.


They're not exactly shying away from the hype either - Kylie has been the biggest tease of all time on social media over the past few weeks and a new picture of Khloe and her other half Tristan Thompson has us more intrigued than ever.

The image, which she shared on Instagram last night, shows her and Tristan enjoying a smooch by a swimming pool (as you do), but she missed one thing before posting.


Can you spot it?

Khloe's stomach looks pretty flat, indicating that she's not pregnant, but look closer and you'll see that Tristan's hand is blurred in what appears to be a spot of dodgy photoshopping.

This slapdash editing could just be a mistake - we've all been there - but given the fact that Tristan's hand is over her stomach, does this mean someone was trying to flatten out a baby bump and forgot to finish Tristan's hand?


Knowing the Kardashian klan, we wouldn't be surprised if the photoshop fail was a deliberate move by momager Kris to keep the speculation going.

In which case, we've fallen right into her trap.

We bow to you, Kris, and your sneaky ways.