Laura Whitmore explains why she hasn't been in the villa much this year 3 months ago

Laura Whitmore explains why she hasn't been in the villa much this year

The show's host cleared it up on during an Instagram Q&A.

A big talking point on this year's season of Love Island has been the absence of its host Laura Whitmore.


The Irish TV personality has just been into the villa a few times, and at each visit, many fans have shared that they forgot she hosts the show.

Many viewers have been left to speculate. For instance, several pointed to the fact that Laura is a new mother, and with a young baby to care for, constantly travelling in and out of Spain may not be workable.

Others have suggested that the logisitcal challenge of travelling during a pandemic may be the reason we're seeing less of the show's host this year.

Laura, however, has shed some light on her absence.

Taking to Instagram, the host explained why her visits to the villa have been few.

"Logistically, it's tougher then when I went out for the coupling up," she said.

"The Balearic Islands were in amber, so when I did that, I had to isolate for five days. I'm not sure everyone knew that. I had to isolate five days on my return."


She added that the restrictions surrounding travel from the Balearic Islands went green, and then amber again. However, in that time, Laura became fully vaccinated.

Additionally, another complication is that she must be in London to present Love Island: Aftersun.

"I also have to be in London every Sunday as part of my Love Island contract," she explained. "I need to host Love Island: Aftersun, which I love. It's just so much fun. I love live telly.


"But that's another logistical nightmare, that we need to make sure I'm always back in time for that."

Whitmore finished off the Q&A by suggesting a simple solution.

"If I could, I'd probably just move into the villa," she joked. "I mean, who wouldn't?"

Love Island continues tonight at 9 pm on Virgin Media One and the Virgin Media Player.