Louis Theroux is taking applications to work with him 1 year ago

Louis Theroux is taking applications to work with him

Did someone say dream job?

Apparently dreams do come true and Louis Theroux clearly knows all about that as he's starting to grant wishes.


Real life genie Louis is looking for someone to work alongside him in his new production company Mindhouse TV. Imagine seeing the Louis Theroux everyday at work.

The documentary maker is looking for his next on screen presenter to join him in some new projects - we know we say this about every job we post but seriously, sign us up now.

Anyone who thinks they've got what it takes to work with the iconic human is being asked to present a one page pitch for a two minute documentary.


All submissions will then be narrowed down to a shortlist of 10 lucky candidates, all picked by a panel of very influential but unnamed people.

Those shortlisted will be given support on how to make their pitch into a real documentary, all to be shot only using a smart phone.

Six of these will then have their film used as the basis of an Edinburgh TV Festival session.

The winner will then get a six month exclusive development period with the production company and work with the creative team at Mindhouse with different projects and pitches.


And that's not all, Prime Video will also offer the winner a 12 month mentoring and training programme, with Fozia Khan, Amazon Studios Unscripted Executive being said mentor.

Speaking about this once in a lifetime experience, Louis explained: “I am very excited to be part of this initiative. For me, one of the best parts of launching Mindhouse is being involved behind the scenes with new talent who can tell fresh stories in different and exciting ways.

"To paraphrase Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, I’m getting old for this s**t, and my knees aren’t what they once were. We need to safeguard the future of irreverent and intelligent on-camera reporting by bringing up the next generation of presenters."


If you think this is for you, head over to The TV Festival for more information. Entries close on Sunday 25th July.