Louis Theroux's new four-part Jeremy Bamber series is coming soon 2 months ago

Louis Theroux's new four-part Jeremy Bamber series is coming soon

Bamber has been in prison for the past three decades.

Convicted mass murderer Jeremy Bamber will be the subject of Louis Theroux's upcoming documentary project, which will air on Sky Crime next Sunday.


Bamber was convicted of killing his adoptive parents Nevill and June, his sister Sheila Caffell and her six year-old twin boys Daniel and Nicholas in 1985.

The murders took place in White House Farm, which is near Maldon, Essex. The case is sometimes referred to as The White House Farm murders.

For the past thirty years, Bamber has been serving a life imprisonment term. He is under a whole life tariff, which he has repeatedly attempted to have repealed.

He has maintained his innocence, and has insisted that the murders were carried out by his sister Sheila. In the early stages of investigation, police initially believed this theory.

Louis Theroux will serve as an executive producer on the four-part series, which is titled The Bambers: Murder At The Farm. He will not have an on-screen presence.

The documentary will feature first-hand testimony as well as archive footage that had previously been unseen. Viewers can also expect to see footage of Bamber himself talking with a journalist from his prison cell.


Speaking ahead of the release of The Bambers: Murder At The Farm, Theroux shared his thoughts on the case with Sky News.

He said: "Whether you think Jeremy Bamber did it, or whether you think Sheila did it, both scenarios have anomalies, or at least require one to accept surprising and in some cases seemingly anomalous details.

"The journey I went on was hearing something and going, 'If Jeremy Bamber did it, how did they explain that?' - or 'If Sheila did it, how would they explain that?'"

He added: "Because of the nature of the case, we're not in the realm of absolute certainty."

The Bambers: Murder at the Farm will premiere on Sky Crime and NOW on Sunday 26 September at 9pm.