It looks like one couple could be heading for Splitsville on tonight's Love Island 1 month ago

It looks like one couple could be heading for Splitsville on tonight's Love Island

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Were you watching last night's Love Island?

If so, you'll know that Paige Turley and Finley Tapp had a pretty major blowout over what many described as a fairly petty reason.

Paige wasn't happy that Finn didn't sit beside her during a group chat with the new boys and was even more annoyed when he described their coupling as "alright".

If you want the exact details on what went down, we've got all the information here but for now, let's concentrate on tonight and the drama that's about to unfold.

As viewers will know, Luke M and Luke T entered the villa last night (not confusing at all) and asked Jess and Siannise respectively to go on dates.


Except things get much more complicated tonight. More dates ensue with Luke M asking Paige out and Luke T deciding he wants to get to know Leanne better.

Mike wants to know if Luke T is asking him for permission and Luke's reply is simply "I’m going to choose Leanne because I haven’t spoken to you and want to get to know you if that’s cool".

Whatever about that date, Paige's date with Luke M goes pretty well and at the end, she admits she has a predicament on her hands.

We already know that she's raging with Finn after last night's episode so does the mean it's the end of the road for them?

One thing is for sure, one boy will be going home at the end of tonight's episode and it's sure to be a dramatic showdown...