Love Island first look: Tom and Ellie's secret kiss is revealed as they head back for round two 1 month ago

Love Island first look: Tom and Ellie's secret kiss is revealed as they head back for round two


Last night's episode of Love Island saw one new arrival, one secret terrace kiss and a whole lot of drama – and tonight we're back for more.


After sharing their first ever kiss, and keeping it as a complete secret from the other islanders, Ellie and Tom head back to the terrace for a second shot.

Ellie says: “I would love to have a little cuddle with you in bed, we’d have to sleep downstairs though because I feel like we’d be too loud.”

Tom replies: “Things would get heated.”

Ellie hints: “I’m excited to have a little terrace trip tonight…”


As the two think they've kept things under wraps, Will has something he needs to get off his chest.

Chatting to Jessie, Tanya and Shaq on the terrace, Will says: "I have had a lot on my mind today. I got told a little bit of information and I don’t know what to do with it.”

Tanya asks: “What was that?”


Will says: “So basically, Ellie pulled me today and said yesterday that she kissed Tom out on the terrace.”

Tanya and Jessie are in complete shock as Will says: “Don’t make it a big deal.”

Shaq says: “Wait, hold on, hold on. What?”


Jessie says: “We better duck for cover…”

But will the group spill the beans to the rest of the islanders?

Elsewhere in the villa, new bombshell Samie is getting her graft on.

Tanyel asks Ron: "Does Kai fancy her?”

Ron replies: “Don’t start fishing off of me, all of the boys think she’s very good looking and I’ve been the guinea pig of what not to do and what happens if you’re not open and transparent with who you’re with.”


Later on, Lana joins Ron, Will and Jessie for a chat about Samie, saying: "She’s lovely isn’t she?”

Ron replies: “She’s a good looking girl and on the outside she is my type but I don't know the girl and I didn’t go for my type in the first place here, did I? I think I’ve learned from my mistake, depending on how she is, obviously on paper she’s my type but how many times has that ever worked?”

Samie first pulls Tom for a chat, saying: "Initial attraction, I’m probably most attracted to you looks wise but I also like that you’re quite cheeky.”

Tom smiles as he asks: “Am I up there for you?”

Samie laughs and replies: “You are, you’re up there but other people are up there too, I don’t give everything away…”

Tom tells her: “I can’t lie, I do fancy you.”

Later, she pulls Ron on the day beds, asking: "What is your normal type, obviously you’re coupled up with Lana but what do you usually go for?”

Ron replies: “You.”

Describing her type, Samie tells Ron: “Looks wise on the outside, you are it, that’s what I’d normally go for.”

After this, Kai reveals he wants to get to know Samie and knows exactly how he plans to do that.

He tells Ron: “I’m literally going to stick it on her.”

As Ellie, Tanyel, Samie, Jessie and Zara catch up in the garden Kai heads over to them and says: “Samie do you want to come for a chat?”

Kai explains to Samie: “Just off initial vibes, you’re the sort of girl that I’d go for.”

Sami suggests: “So you’d be a fool to not chat me up…”

Kai responds: “Yeah and obviously Tanyel might not like it, me and Tanyel have been good but now you’re in here I want to get to know you.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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