Love Island: Chloe starts to question what Toby's true intentions are 11 months ago

Love Island: Chloe starts to question what Toby's true intentions are


One islander is on the way out tonight on Love Island tonight and the decision lies in Brad and Lucinda's hands.


The islanders are shook to find out that one person must go as a result of the public vote, but no one's more shook than Brad and Lucinda.

Voted the least compatible, the two now must decide which one gets to stay, and who has to be sent home for good.

Lucinda admits: “I am in complete and utter shock.”


While those two deal with all of that drama, they aren't the only ones that feel like they're walking on eggshells in the villa.

Toby is completely frustrated after last night's vote, and starts to vent to Chloe about being in the bottom three couples.

Toby tells Chloe: "We’re f***ed. We were down there."

Chloe says: "Course we are. Why are you surprised? Why are you taking it so personally?"


In the Beach Hut after, Toby admits: "In my eyes, we get on like a house on fire. If that’s not a genuine connection, then I don’t know what is. That means I’m searching for the wrong thing completely. I don’t know how the public hasn’t seen that."

While Toby's panicking, Chloe lets off some steam to Millie: “He’s so f***ing fake. I was like, ‘Why are you surprised, the public aren’t going to love us because of what happened with Kaz’. But if it’s genuine, you don’t have to worry. The fact he’s getting all moody with me because we’re bottom three… that is so fake. I’m f***ing livid.”

She adds: “He’s made me really question his intentions and whether he was genuine.”


But it's the next challenge that really gets the islanders worked up as who ever wins this gets the next bombshell.

Kaz reads out a text saying: “Islanders, it’s time to lock horns and ruffle feathers in today’s boys versus girls challenge Stags vs Hens. Whoever wins gets a new arrival of the opposite sex #gameon #alltoplayfor."

And as the lads rally to get Hugo and Aaron a new woman, the girls are ready to fight for a new man in the villa.