Love Island's Adam is coming to the most random town in Cork next month 7 months ago

Love Island's Adam is coming to the most random town in Cork next month

Who's excited?

He set pulses racing from the moment he walked into the Love Island villa but after his shock dumping last week, Adam is now making the most of his new fame.

And while he was deemed a love rat while on the show, he seems to have come out the other side in a much more positive light.

And it looks like Adam is keen to make the most of that while the interest is still there.

The reality star took to Instagram earlier to announce he's going on a lengthy tour to meet with new fans and he's coming to Ireland... TWICE!

While it's usually those in the capital that get the benefit of these tours, Adam has decided that he'll head a little further south of Dublin on his visit to Ireland.

The first destination? Mallow in County Cork.

Yep, Adam's heading to the rebel county for one night only, hitting up Club Light on Sunday, August 19, and the Cork contingent among us is very happy about it.

This is just one stop on a very long tour that will run from this Friday, July 13 until November 17.

The tour will also see him return to Ireland a little later in the year to say another hello to Irish fans, this time heading to Mischief in Maynooth on September 12.

We have to say, we're delighted that Mr Eight Pack is coming for a visit, although we can't say we won't have a word with him when he does.