Love Island's Danny Bibby speaks out about racism scandal 1 year ago

Love Island's Danny Bibby speaks out about racism scandal

Fans aren't happy with him.

Love Island's Danny Bibby has been under fire since he left the villa after racist comments he made began to resurface on the internet.


And now that he's out of the villa and has seen all the drama unfolding, Danny has broken his silence and spoken out on Instagram.

For context, if you don't know, last year Danny responded to a friend's comment on Instagram using the n-word

The 25-year-old took to his Instagram page to tell all about the comment and explained why he used it.


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"Whilst I was made aware of this and issued an apology whilst in the villa, the matter has always been on the front of my mind during the days in there and I would like to now add to what was said," Danny said.

"After seeing all the comments and reaction to the post, I understand more that the use of the word, even in the way it was written and intended, is deeply offensive to people and I am truly sorry for using that word. I was always aware that written in the other way was a vile term, and I would never use it.


"But I was unaware that the way I used it was not. I have listened too the likes of 50cent, drake and Eminem since I was a kid, and I used it like they do as a term of friends/bro/brother. THAT IS THE TRUTH. I now know the term is unacceptable in any context, and will NEVER use it again.

"Education is key to solving problems, and I have learned a very valuable lesson. I hope others will too. I whole heartedly apologise to anyone who I have offended and ask your forgiveness. I would like to now get on a normal life with my brilliant friends and family."

Viewers were outraged when the comment went viral across the internet and made thousands of complaints to Ofcom to have him pulled from the show, but he was dumped from the villa before they could.