Love Island's Lucie and Luke have confirmed they are, indeed, dating 2 years ago

Love Island's Lucie and Luke have confirmed they are, indeed, dating

Great news for all involved.

Love Island Lucie and Luke have confirmed that they are, in fact, dating.


C'mon, you know them: Lucie and Luke! Luke and Lucie! Lucie Donlan, the surfer. Luke Mabbott, the adorable Justin Bieber lookalike.

Luke appeared in the first (and potentially last) series of winter Love Island, while Lucie appeared in the 2019 summer instalment of the series.

The surfer was coupled up with Joe during her season, whereas Luke dated a few people including Demi. You probably don't remember either of those folk as the world has since progressed, but sure look.

Now though, it appears as though the pair have engaged in a bit of a season collab and started dating themselves. Fair play.


The pair were first linked late last month when they both shared fairly matching photos of themselves enjoying a casual prosecco in a hot tub overlooking some decent greenery.

Luke and Lucie weren't in either photo themselves but c'mon, it was fairly clear what was going on.


And as if that wasn't enough to convince you (it easily could not be, in fairness), the other week Luke also posted the following message on an Instagram caption: "Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I used to."

Is it about Lucie? Is it about his mam? Is it about the postman who delivers his mail and is the only person he has interacted with since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic?


Truly, who can say for sure.

"They were messaging each other over Instagram during lockdown and as the rules relaxed their romance blossomed," a source told The Sun. 

"Luke wasn't single for long after he split with his ex Demi and Lucie is his dream woman - he can't believe his luck."

Listen, fair to him. We wish them all the best.