Love Island's Tom said some harsh things about Molly-Mae after leaving the villa 7 months ago

Love Island's Tom said some harsh things about Molly-Mae after leaving the villa

Casa Amor is COMING.

And we've all the predictions.

Blogger, Niamh O'Sullivan joined Denise Curtin on today's Love Island recap show and it's vital listening ahead of tonight.  

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He's not a happy camper.

Last night, Love Island's Tom Walker saw his days in the villa come to an end as he was voted off by the female contestants.

The 29-year-old who believes it wasn't his time to leave was upset by the outcome, however, saw it coming as the girls chose to boot him off after a series of horrible remarks made towards Maura Higgins.

Maura and Tom who were coupled up until his departure saw some rocky final days after Tom made some inappropriate remarks towards the Longford contestant like calling her "too much", "cringe" and potentially "all mouth" when chatting with the lads about whether or not she'll live up to the way she talks during a night away in the Hideaway.


The pair became vulnerable last night when the public deemed them as one of the weakest couples, leading to Tom's departure which he had a few words to say about.

During his exit interview, Tom revealed that he's not sold on Molly-Mae and Tommy's relationship, now revealing that he thinks she's playing a game.

"I didn’t think so but, then off the back of the Twitter challenge the other day with the comments about Molly-Mae, there were a few seeds planted. Whether she’s changed and fallen in love with Tommy, only they know. I didn’t see it initially for myself though."

Speaking about the Maura remark, Tom also regrets what he said and admits that at the beginning he was "sound boarding off people".

"I said what I said about her being OTT etc because it was early days and I was sound boarding off people. I perhaps should have just been straight from the off."

That you should.

Tonight sees Casa Amor kick off with 12 NEW contestants entering the two new villas. We're beyond excited.