Maura Higgins' mam is getting her own agony aunt show because of course she is 2 months ago

Maura Higgins' mam is getting her own agony aunt show because of course she is


A few months back, it was confirmed that Maura Higgins was getting her own agony aunt segment.

The show was created for Maura with the intention of giving her a space to provide some much needed advice to people who are unlucky in love, struggling to date, or even just a bit bored of the lad they're with.

Now though, it appears as if one Higgins isn't enough because Maura's actual mam has been given her own agony aunt show - for OAPs.

The new RTE series, which is aptly called Agony OAPs, will incorporate Sharon's wisdom, her bluntness, and her incessant desire to help others.

“I'm straight up and down the middle," she told 2FM. "Maybe sometimes I can be brutally honest, probably a Sagittarius thing, I don't know."

“Myself and Maura are two peas in a pod. We actually get on so well, we get on like a house on fire.

"We think alike, we're straight up and down the middle, we just say it as it is. Maura understands me, I understand Maura.”

The series will allow people to contact Sharon with their woes and then have their questions answered by a collection of well-known faces.

When there's a gap in the market, etc.

This comes after Maura's fella Curtis said that things are still going well between the couple, but that it has been "difficult" trying to see each other due to their schedules.

"She is very busy. It’s nice in a way because we miss each other and we can’t wait to see each other," he told Mail Online. 

"I saw her today but I hadn’t seen her for the rest of the week. I’ll be seeing her this weekend and that’ll be nice."

Anyone who wants to ask Maura's mam Sharon any pressing questions can do so by contacting