Maureen Lipman quits Celebrity Gogglebox and slams the show's editing 1 year ago

Maureen Lipman quits Celebrity Gogglebox and slams the show's editing

She is very frustrated.

Coronation Street actress Maureen Lipman has revealed that she has quit Celebrity Gogglebox and won't be returning any time soon.


The actress appeared on Loose Women, revealing that she has quit the show and called out the editors for how she was portrayed on the series.

Telling the panellists that she is not a fan of how her reactions were edited on the Channel 4 show and how they were used during her time on the series.

The 75 year old has appeared on the series with fellow actor Gyles Brandreth with the pair giving their views on a whole range of TV shows, such as Great British Bake Off and Naked Attraction.


But according to the actress, most of the funniest and most hilarious scenes the pair filmed were cut out altogether.

Maureen opened up about watching Naked Attraction on the show, telling Janice Street-Porter: "I've seen all the male tackle that I need to see for this lifetime, to be honest, I really have."

Earlier this year she spoke about walking off the Gogglebox set after she was made watch the Channel 4 series about baring all before dating, revealing she felt that editors of Gogglebox only showed her shock rather than her insight.


She explained in June this year: "It's your reaction to 12 dangling willies they want. They're searching for ways to make me go, 'Urgh!' So I thought, 'Well, actually, no, life is too short to watch a series of hopeless men dangle their bits and pieces in my direction. So I'm going'.

"I've run through my period of going 'oh get it off'!"

Now elaborating on why she has left the series, she explained her frustration over the editing on the show, saying: "Gyles loves it. He absolutely loves it, and we had such a good time, but none of the clever things we said went into it, just 'Ooh!' went into it."