Meet the three new Love Island contestants - and the lad is from Limerick! 1 year ago

Meet the three new Love Island contestants - and the lad is from Limerick!

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Spoiled, so we are.

Tonight, we received the incredible, stunning, out of this world news that three whole new people are set to enter the Love Island villa.

Three! As if there's not enough of them in there already.

And while we already had word earlier today that Page 3 model and vegan chef India is set to go in, there were two others waiting and ready to join her in the wings.

And one of them is an Irish lad from Limerick.

This is them:

Greg O'Shea

Greg's a 24-year-old professional rugby player who's looking forward to bringing his sociable and fun side to the villa.

Having broken his entire face (his words, not ours) playing sport a few months back, he has begrudgingly brought himself down to a 7 out of 10 instead of an 8 - always the martyr.

Greg says he's looking for an outgoing girl who's also quite chilled out and doesn't take a lot of selfies.

He also fancies Maura, which is handy enough geographically.

"I need to get in the villa and see what the story is and who is good craic!" he says.

"I’d say me and Maura will hit it off straight away, being two Irish people and she’s hilarious. She’s very naturally funny and she’s gorgeous as well so you never know."

India Reynolds

India is a 28-year-old model from Reading who is sick of lads sliding into her DMs and wants to be courted the old fashioned way.

The former Page 3 girl says that she's looking for someone who is handsome, funny, and tall. She also thinks that she's going to get along with all of the girls in the villa despite having her eye on Michael and Ovie.

Controversial, but not at all surprising.

"I want to have a good time and I don’t like falling out with people so hopefully I can be friends with the girls and gorgeous Ovie will still be single for me," she says.

Harley Brash 

20-year-old Harley is a girls' girl but she's also not afraid to step on anybody's toes so it seems like she'll get along with just about everybody in there, tbh.

An estate agent from Newcastle, she hates cockiness and arrogance, and is setting her sights on Michael and Ovie.

Gonna be a busy couple of days, lads.

Can't wait.