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This Netflix Photoshop fail is so subtle you might just miss it
How did we miss it?

Can you spot the fail?

When we hear Photoshop fail, we immediately jump into full detective mode in the hopes of spotting the mistake before being told.

Well, get your magnifying glass out because we’ve got a doozey for you.

On a casual peruse through Netflix, Reddit user 'moofthestoof' came across this feature image for the newly released Netflix Original, The Babysitter.

Inspecting the regular areas for the obvious edits, it took us a few minutes before we had our lightbulb moment.

Still haven’t figured it out?

Well, it seems that not only is the babysitter in the picture a total serial killer, but also possesses two right hands.


The post has quickly gone viral on Reddit with nearly 15,000 people trying to figure out the image.

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