Netflix's new Christmas movie has people crying "happy tears" 1 year ago

Netflix's new Christmas movie has people crying "happy tears"

Love Hard looks seriously cute.

This time of year can only mean one thing when it comes to entertainment - Christmas movies are back.


The latest holiday rom-com to drop on Netflix has already developed legions of fans, with many claiming the film is leaving them in floods of "happy tears".

The film is called Love Hard, and if you're after a good cathartic Christmas cry, then it should be right up your alley.

The movie, which is now streaming, stars Nina Dobrev (Degrassi, The Vampire Diaries) as Natalie Bauer, an "unlucky in love LA girl" who falls for Josh Lin, a "rugged East Coast guy", played by Jimmy O. Yang (Silicon Valley, Fresh off the Boat).

The pair initially meet online, but, as the trailer depicts, Natalie soon learns that everything is not as it seems. After flying to surprise him in New York, this dating columnist learns that Josh has been catfishing her.


However, Natalie spots Tag (Darren Barnet) - the guy in the original dating profile - at a bar in his hometown, and Josh pledges to help set the two up. But will the scheme go to plan? Or is there a spark between Natalie and Josh after all?

Needless to say, Love Hard makes for an ideal watch on a cold winter evening, and fans, so far, are loving it.

Taking to social media to share their love for this brand new film, one fan tweeted: "Love Hard on Netflix. Yes I cried happy tears."


Another tweeted: "Love Hard on Netflix was actually v. cute. tears were shed."

A third added: "Love Hard on Netflix has me in tears they just had to add Christmas to enhance the tears."

So there you have it. If you're looking to add a Christmas movie to your watchlist this month, Love Hard seems like a very worthy option.