This new Netflix film is being coined as the next Sex And The City 2 years ago

This new Netflix film is being coined as the next Sex And The City

We love a good rom-com.

If you've seen Isn't It Romantic? then you'll know that nearly every rom-com is the same - and we're not mad at it.


However, looking back over the past few years, nothing really stands out. Nothing has made us want to go back over and over to watch it again (OK, well maybe To All The Boys I've Loved Before is up there but not much else).

When we saw that trailer to this Netflix movie though, we got excited.

Mostly, because it's a Sex And The City-esque adult, relationships, sex and heartbreak filled film about a group of women.

Someone Great sees Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow come together for the ultimate girls night.

Gina's character Jenny is a music journalist and bags herself her dream job in San Francisco, which means she'll have to leave New York City.

She has been with her boyfriend for nine years, however he isn't ready to move out of New York - or have a long distance relationship - so they break up.

Cue the tears, the tequila shots, and the talks from her friends. "I leave in a week, and then, I turn 30, and then I die probably. I need one last epic day with my girls," Jenny says in the trailer.


Of course, this means the three women have the best last adventure in New York, and we just can't wait to see how the movie ends.

You can watch the trailer here: