The new Netflix show that's giving us serious #ThrowbackThursday vibes 2 years ago

The new Netflix show that's giving us serious #ThrowbackThursday vibes

This new show is taking us right back.

When it comes to new Netflix releases, we’re always open to giving it a go. One, two, maybe three episodes in and we’ve probably decided whether we’re going to keep going or part ways while we still have any of our weekend left.

However, we know that this new Netflix show is going to need some time set aside for it because it looks so damn good.

The show is a coming-of-age comedy show set in the 90s and follows the friendship of convenience between the A/V club and the Drama Club as they try and survive high school.

Teenage angst? Check. High school drama? Check. 90s style? Check.

We mean, are you not convinced yet?

It’s all our favourite 90s teen dramas rolled into one unfortunately dressed show and we couldn’t be more excited.

Coming to Irish Netflix on February 16, we’re already cancelling our weekend plans to binge on this.